The Benefits of Slimming Tea and how to choose the best one.

Tea Should be consumed each day, cause the benefits are many.
Slimming Tea Choices
What is the best weight loss tea
What Tea best suits you?

Did you know that sipping your favorite cup of tea could be the perfect solution for weight loss? Being the world’s most popular drink, tea is regarded as one of nature’s tranquilizers. It helps to soothe the body and make you feel relaxed. Tea can prevent serious conditions like stroke and arthritis. Tea can also aid in weight loss. But not all types of teas have the power to melt away the excess pounds. Slimming tea has been proven by scientists to contain compounds that assist in weight loss.

Best Weight Loss Tea
What is Slimming Tea
The Tea that reduce fat without Diuretics.

There are certain types of tea that encourage weight loss. Unlike coffee, tea has less caffeine and consists of compounds that are good for the heart. But the question remains on what types of tea are ideal for weight loss. Weight loss tea has several characteristics.

First, this kind of tea contains certain antioxidants that are called flavonoids which free radicals that can cause cancer and other serious conditions. They also have caffeine to stimulate the brain and promote mental alertness. Most of the teas used for weight loss also contain polyphenol which is known for its antioxidant properties. There are also caffeine free teas that when consumed create a feeling of fullness helping you to diet. Some of the weight loss teas have compounds that block the absorption of fat. The use of added compounds that create a diuretic effect are of no use.

Oolong Tea Benefits
Oolong Tea
The Semi-Fermented Fat Burner

Oolong is a special semi-fermented tea that has been proven to assist in burning body fats. it contains antioxidants that lower bad cholesterol levels. Two cups of oolong tea a day are recommended. There is also a variety of oolong products marketed today as weight loss supplements. Do adequate research before buying any of the oolong supplements and choose tea that has been adequately researched.

Benefits Of Green Tea
Green Tea
Natural Antioxidants

This is another best weight loss tea that contains a high concentration of antioxidants. The benefits of green tea are far and wide. It helps to improve cholesterol levels, prevent clogging of the arteries and soothe the nerves. Taking green tea after a hard day at work can help you to relax and get rid of tension. However, there are so many types of green teas in the market so you need to choose one with a high concentration of EGCG. A cup of high quality green tea can get rid of up to 70 calories a day. Our tea contains green tea extract.

Slimming Mint Tea
Mint Tea
Help your Digestion.

Losing weight is a challenge to most people because they find it hard to control what they eat. The good thing about mint tea is that it helps to speed up digestion and burn up calories. Mint tea can be prepared from the fresh or dried leaves. Allow it to steel for 4 to 3 minutes and then add honey for taste. A cup a day is usually recommended. Although its not the best weight loss tea it still has its purpose.

Oolong Tea Flavors
Flavored Teas
Sooth your Taste Buds

There are so many types of flavored teas that contain a huge amount of antioxidants to help you lose weight and remain healthy. Some teas are flavored with rich ingredients like cinnamon and lavender. They can be either black teas or white teas. Be very cautious when choosing flavored teas because some of them contain sweeteners that contain extra sugar. Some also have very low amounts of antioxidants so you have to drink 10 cups in order to get the benefits you’d get in a cup of green tea. Look for an antioxidant rich and low-sugared brand of flavored tea.

Herbal Tea
Herbal Teas
Natures Elements.

The most common types of teas used in weight loss are the herbal teas. The tea leaves can be made using fruits, flowers and herbs that have various health benefits. When choosing a suitable herbal tea for weight loss, make sure it doesn’t contain any dangerous laxatives. We did not use any laxative in out herbal tea bags, we believe in tea and weight loss, not laxative weight loss.

The best weight loss tea can aid in promoting lower blood pressure especially for those who are suffering from conditions like hypertension. Herbal teas that contain chamomile and peppermint are also known to promote sleep and aid in digestion. Pu-erh tea which is made using fermented leaves is also known to reduce cholesterol. Rose tea which is made with a blend of fresh roses is known to have therapeutic effects on the body. It contains vitamins that act against infections and prevents constipation.

Benefits of Oolong & Puerh Tea
Health Benefits Of Slimming Teas
Drinking a healthy cup of tea every day has the following benefits:
      • Prevents terminal conditions like stroke and arthritis
      • Helps burn body fat
      • Prevents tooth decay
      • Keeps cancer at bay
      • Speeds up digestion
      • Reduces bad cholesterol levels

It’s important to remember that each tea has its unique benefits. Before you pick up any cup of tea, learn the different types of health teas and how they boost your overall health. If you have a main goal to get rid of those extra pounds, avoid using heavy creamers or refined sugars when preparing your tea. We hope this article has helped you gain more knowledge about the best weight loss tea for you.

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