Slim Tea Girl

Questions and Answers on our slimming tea.

Q. Do we advertise promotions, discounts or Gift cards on any social media platforms?

A. No, due to security issues associated with social media sites, we do not advertise at any time on these networks. Social media sites can be compromised.

Q. When do I drink the tea for effective results?

A. Natures Slim tea is great for the mornings after a light snack, then follow with some exercise 30 minutes after.

Q. Can I drink Natures Slim Tea whilst breast feeding?

A.  Although Natures slim tea is 100% natural, we don’t recommend drinking this tea if your breast feeding or pregnant. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before taking this tea.

Q. Do we have Internationally shipping?

A. Yes we ship all around the world.  It can take from 10 to 20 days to be delivered.

Q. How many tea bags in each Natures Slim Tea package?

A. There are 30 tea bags in each package; all tea bags are 2.5g.  There is 60% Oolong tea or Pu-erh tea and other specific amounts of other herbs blended for a great taste and effectiveness.

Q. Can everyone take Natures Slim Tea?

A. No, obviously people with medical conditions, heart problems, anorexia, or are on large amounts of prescribed medications should consult a physician and for other specific medical conditions or symptoms that they may have.

Q. Will I have any side effects?

A. No, our product is 100% natural herbs; this blend will boost the immune system and strengthen the heart. Our tea is designed to drink in moderation, do not drink the tea just before sleep.

Q. Brewing the Tea?

A. Glad you asked.  We recommend not using boiling water directly from the kettle.  Instead put the tea bag into your cup with a small amount of cold water at the bottom, for about a minute. Then pour your HOT water in and leave for about 3 minutes. This will retain the antioxidant strength.  Remember our tea has stevia so wait 3 minutes first, then sample the sweetness, if its not to your desired level, then add honey or raw sugar.

Q. Drinking the tea on an empty stomach?

A.  Our tea is not a detox tea, so we don’t need to treat it like one. It’s a tea designed to boost the metabolism and burn fat.  Our body needs nutrients all day, every day.  We like to stay trim, but don’t starve the body. Instead, eat high nutrient natural foods in smaller quantities. We recommend a light snack before you drink the tea.

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