Slimming Tea — whats the right choice?

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Slimming Tea
In recent years, tea is fast getting to become the favourite of many, not only because of its special taste. A lot of people drink tea because of dieting, but there are a lot of people who drink tea to achieve weight loss. So why has tea become so popular in achieving weight loss goals?First, let us take a look at the mechanisms by which weight loss tea causes its effects.

Chemical Action

Slimming Tea Compounds
Green tea, oolong tea and puerh tea all come from the same plant, Camellia sinensis, although they are processed differently. Green tea is the fresh leaves of the plant; oolong tea is slightly fermented Camellia plant while puerh tea is a special variety of this plant fermented for a long time.

The weight loss activity of tea has been known for some time. Green tea, oolong slimming tea and puerh tea has a slimming effect it has gained popularity over the years. Some of the major compounds contained in tea are polyphenols, catechin, chlorophyll, vitamin C and other substances. Polyphenols are soluble in oily solution. Vitamin C is a very strong antioxidant.

The teas can also promote the excretion of cholesterol from the body. These substances are mostly natural, with little side effects on the body.

Physiological Role

Think Slim Tea
Before going into the physiological role of tea in reducing obesity, let us take a look at what causes obesity. Normally, the body needs energy for its day to day activities. When the energy is in excess, the body stores it as fat in adipose cells of the body. When this accumulates in excess the adipose cells divides and produces more cells to accommodate more energy.

This leads to more storage of fats and then obesity if fat storage is in excess.Several teas may cause weight loss by reducing lipid absorption, reducing the absorption of carbohydrates. These two mechanisms cause a reduction in energy intake, they also increase energy use in the body (i.e. they increase the body’s metabolism), decrease the rate and extent of pre-adipocyte differentiation and proliferation, or decrease rate and extent of production of lipids.

Green tea, oolong tea and puerh tea reduce obesity by decreasing energy intake from the gastrointestinal tract. They inhibit the pancreatic lipase which in turn slows down the absorption of lipids from the small intestine.

Oolong tea and puerh tea contain much less caffeine and hence don’t have as much diuretic properties as other tea but shows very good results. This is due to the fact that using diuretic teas will deplete important minerals from the body like potassium, and this might interfere with the body’s metabolism. This makes oolong and puerh tea very good due to the fact that it does not have diuretic properties.

Diuretic teas may also cause problems for some people who are using some drugs such as antihypertensive drugs. Apart from the fact that they can potentially reduce the osmotic balance of the body, they can also cause complications if taken with antihypertensives.

Because fat digestion cycle is very long, usually about three hours after a meal to complete the digestion of fat, after dinner drinking Puerh tea helps to reduce the absorption of fat and the fat is excreted through the faeces as the bile containing excess fat is excreted with the faeces.

The best way to drink slimming tea for maximum results

Time For Slimming Tea

Take the right amount of Oolong tea

Many people take only a little bit of slimming tea, but in order to achieve weight loss and other medicinal effects, one needs to drink more than 10 grams a day of tea (about 2 to 3 cups of tea is good for you). It’s also more profitable to drink tea regularly on a long-term basis.

Drink tea at the optimal time

The best time to drink tea to drink is one hour after a meal. Also it’s good to drink it slowly, but do not drink after 21:00. A cup of tea in the morning afternoon and evening one hour after meals is very good.

Adequate lifestyle adjustments

In fact, in addition to taking tea, good dieting habits have to be taken seriously. Remember that weight loss is as a result of losing more calories than one is taking in. Also good exercise is needed.

In actual truth taking green tea, oolong tea and puerh tea provides many good benefits. Because they are rich in antioxidants and some evidence has shown possible help in preventing cancer.

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Slimming Tea Oolong

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