Stevia Rebaudiana, What You Need To Know?

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Stevia Rebaudiana is also called “sweetleaf”, or “sugar leaf” and this plant had been around for more than 1500 years, primarily to provide a sweet taste to the local tea.  In short, Stevia Rebaudiana is a natural sweetener that is currently used by a lot of consumers across the globe.

Natural sweeteners, such as sugar leaf, as cited in one of the health authority sites, Whole Health Insider, stated that, this kind of natural sweetener alternative, contains low-calorie natural sugar substitute. Also, it may also be responsible for lowering  blood sugar and triglycerides, as well a a potent, anti-oxidant. (

In a research study, “An Analysis of anti-diabetic activity of Stevia rebaudiana extract on diabetic patient,” published by the Journal of Natural Sciences Research the authors, concluded that use of the leaf powder had influenced the blood sugar levels, in both Fasting blood sugar (FBS) and Post Prandial blood sugar (PPBS) testing. Further, it stated that it influenced the anti-diabetic effect. ( Mishra, N.).

Stevia Rebaudiana Components

Stevia Molecule and Weight Loss

According to Kolb et. al (2001), as cited by Neha Mishra, the leaf is a good  source of diterpene glycosides, stevioside and rebaudioside. Stevioside is non-caloric and is reported to be 30 times sweeter than sugar. (

Further, the study also enumerated the key benefit of Stevia leaf as “Chlogenic acids reduce conversion of glycogen to glucose and reduced absorption of glucose and reduce blood sugar level. It is used as a flavor enhancer, taste enhancer and antibacterial effect. It is heat stable at high temperature can be cooked with tea and food. Stevia can be used widely in Jams, Sauces, Jelly, Confections, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals and in Alcoholic beverages and in Dental products.

It is used in tea, coffee and dairy products.” (“Leaf has stevioside of 10% to 12% on dry basis, even 50 gm of Stevia leaf can replace 1000g of can sugar. The sweetness of stevioside is non-fermenting and it does not display browning while cooking,” the author added.

Stevia in Tea

In the publication of the Harvard School of Public Health,  it included Stevia Rebaudiana – one of the FDA approved artificial sweeteners that might help with weight loss as well as metabolic effects. This statement was quoted from the 2011 statement by the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association.   (

From the different studies, from different countries-India -India and the US, the use of Stevia leaf as a natural sweetener, does not only help to resolve weight loss problems, but it also addresses the metabolic problems, like diabetes. When the natural sweeter is used judiciously, it can be beneficial for the health.

Stevia Rebaudiana and Weight Loss

Stevia Rebaudiana is considered as one of the nature’s sweetener. Its scientific name is Stevia Rebaudiana. Stevia is also known in other different names such as sweet leaf of Paraguay, caa- he- héé, kaa- jheéé, ca-a-yupi, ca- a- jhei, azucacaa, capim doce, erva doce, sweet herb, honey yerba, honey leaf, yaa waan, and candy leaf.

The plant, especially the leaves of Stevia is widely used by the indigenous Guarani people residing in Paraguay in South America. The guarani people are cultivating Stevia to use as a tea, sweetener alternative, and confectionery for other sweet treats. The use and cultivation of Stevia are not as popular as the other alternative sweetener plants. But due to Japan’s innovation of using the Stevia extract in diet coke, the whole world became interested in this natural alternative.

Aside from being used as a sweetener, Stevia is used to against diabetes, high blood pressure, cavity prevention and an aid in weight loss. Moreover, Stevia can be used to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, and it helps in reducing inflammation. It also aids in dilating the blood vessels and increase urination.

Because of its various uses, Stevia Rebaudiana continuously increases the attention and interest of people all over the world. There are various studies under-way which aim to determine the other positive effects and the possible side effects of this sweetener.

Japan and Brazil are some of the highest consumers of Stevia in the world. In these countries, Stevia has been approved as a safe, non- caloric, and natural sweetener. However, in the United States the acceptance and use of Stevia clearly varies.

There are controversies exposing that Stevia might contain carcinogenic compounds that are harmful to the body. But still, the Stevia leaves and extracts are being used in some parts of United States and are considered as dietary supplements. But recently its gaining more attention after Coca-Cola just released the new stevia coke. It is also used as a sugar substitute.

Stevia contains chemicals such as apigenin, austroinulin, avicularin, beta- sitosterol, caffeic acid, campesterol, caryophyllene, centaureidin, xantohylls, umbelliferone, stigmasterol, stevioside a-3, stevioside, steviolmonoside, steviolbioside, steviol, sterebin A-H, scopoletin, jhanol, lupeol, luteolin, and more. Each chemicals helps in providing a sweet taste in the extract of Stevia’s leaves.

Sweets, in general, are considered as one of the most common factors which results in unwanted fat and obesity. The majority of people are trying to reduce or totally remove unwanted fats. Because of this, consumers opt to choose an alternative way to reduce unwanted body fats.

Instead of undergoing expensive laser and liposuction treatments in clinics, they choose medicinal teas and supplements which contain Stevia. It has already been proven to help in losing weight. Aside from that, a box of tea bags is several times cheaper than clinical procedures which aim to remove body fat.

If you are looking for a proven and effective way to lose weight without the interference of expensive liposuction treatments and procedures, using and drinking Stevia infused teas might be the best alternative.Moreover, it can also help in addressing other health problems that you might be experiencing.

This is definitely the safer alternative to sugar, as we can see by the new statistics of 2014 that shows around 9.3% of Americas have diabetes. Source ( We have a 2nd Article here


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