Let’s explore why sipping a steaming cup of Pu-erh tea, Oolong Tea or Green Tea Extract, is increasingly becoming a path to slim and trim body naturally

Pu-erh and Oolong Benefits
That’s right, a steaming cup of tea is increasingly becoming popular among potential weight watchers. But is that true with drinking any kind of tea? We are going to have a hard look at many such questions in this article that you always wanted to know.There has been a lot of buzz in the media lately about how tea is helping scores of people, even many high profile celebrities to slim down. There are plenty of terms than can be seen flaunting around such as pu-erh tea, Oolong tea and the Green tea extracts.

Growing up as a child I have had heard from my parents and grandparents about the benefits of steaming cup of tea in healing sore throat and fight cold winter’s night. But losing weight and burning fat – isn’t that too much to expect from a humble cup of tea? After all if loosing those excess pounds was as easy as sitting back and drinking tea, everyone around would be slim.

Generally I don’t take anything at its face value, instead I do my own research and get into the skin of the things to find out the real story behind all the hype that surrounds fitness fad, and that’s exactly what I did in this case.

Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Oolong Weight Loss Tea Bags
To my surprise, internet is flooded with tons of researches and clinical trials that proved that this seemingly humble tea not only aids healthy weight loss, but also helps in array of health conditions.Did you know that a cup of tea can help you prevent stroke, tooth decay, arthritis and even cancer?Now that was a big surprise for me and an eye opener.Scientists have shown that tea has high levels of compounds that battle the absorption of fat.In the entire realm of tea, Green tea extract has gained major media attention and is often seen touted as a weight loss tea or renamed as a slimming tea.

Green tea has been around for some time now and is highly reputed among weight watchers for its ability to boosts metabolism and help lose weight.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract for Weight Loss
Though the research I did, I brought to surface a score of findings that showed tea not only helps to cut down fat, but also protects against several kinds of health conditions, I was still puzzled why everyone is not slim when it is all that simple. But then it quickly strikes my mind. The catch is in the kind of tea people are commonly drinking. It’s not our humble cup of PG Tips or Tetley’s that reportedly has the power to melt away the pounds! We need to turn to more exotic leaves such as:

  • Pu-erh Tea – A fully fermented tea that normally comes in the form as a compressed tea cake.
  • Oolong Tea – A Semi-Fermented oxidized tea left to dry in the sun.
  • Green Tea Extract – A concentrated powdered derivative of green tea leaves that’s very high in antioxidants and catechins.

These are the teas that we as a general population call “weight loss tea” or “Slimming tea”. A lesser known Pu-erh tea is the king when it comes to controlling what you eat, enhancing metabolism and guarding against obesity. Our Pu-erh tea bags has a base of 60% pu-erh tea.  It’s a fully fermented tea that has probiotic bacteria that helps with weight loss.

Several studies have established a clear connection between an imbalance in gut bacteria and excess weight. Being loaded with probiotic bacteria, Pu-erh tea scores much ahead of rest of the teas being commonly touted as Holy Grail for a weight loss diet. 

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