Side effects of drinking too much tea

Tea is love, tea is an inclination and the best ally to break-liberated from the dreariness of life! Ask any tea lover and they would connect with these sincere words and how tea drives their feelings. Right from festivities to distresses, for a tea lover the main steady in this world is the love of tea!

No big surprise, these words could appear to be so intriguing, yet is this energy-driven love for tea may be killing your digestion? Indeed, now is the ideal time to take an interruption and contemplate over the way that a lot of anything can be destructive for well-being as is tea. Here is a down and out on how a lot of tea can influence your wellbeing.

World’s most loved refreshment

There’s no denying to the way that tea is one of the world’s most loved refreshments. The decision of tea differs from one individual to another and area to the district. Right from our own personal masala chai to sweet-smelling chamomile tea to smooth decaf tea, there’s an aplenty of variations to browse! Strangely, every variation of tea is enhanced with the integrity of nature and is stacked with umpteen medical advantages, however, a lot of anything can be awful for sound as is tea! Subsequently, on the off chance that you also feel dependent on tea, these terrifying realities will cause you to lessen your tea consumption! Peruse on to find out about it.

Rest disorders

In the event that you also are experiencing the absence of sound rest or sleep deprivation, put it on your genuine affection – Tea! Indeed, a lot of tea utilization can hamper your snooze in all ways. The presence of caffeine in tea can basically negatively affect your rest cycle. Caffeine disrupts the melatonin chemical, which influences the rest design.

Low supplement assimilation

Expanded admission of caffeine can really hamper your processing and diminish the ingestion of nourishment. Tea has a part called tannin, which hampers the assimilation of iron from the food we eat! This is the justification for why it is great to drink tea during dinners and not with suppers.


Expanded anxiety

We generally get some tea to alleviate the pressure and have some time off from our rushed lives, yet did you had any idea that this propensity can really bother the pressure and tension you go through. Indeed, an excess of caffeine utilization can prompt anxiety. What’s more, the most effective way to manage such side effects is simply by decreasing tea admission and supplanting ordinary tea with the well-being variations like chamomile, white tea, or green tea.

Acid reflux and uneasiness

There’s no denying to the way that your number one cup of tea frequently makes you uncomfortable and awkward! This is essentially in light of the fact that the presence of caffeine in tea exasperates the corrosive arrangement in the stomach prompting acid reflux, bulging and anxiety. Additionally, it likewise causes indigestion in the body.

Pregnancy inconveniences

Indeed, unreasonable utilization of tea can be destructive for the mother as well as the child. Expanded utilization of caffeine can build the gamble of inconveniences. Subsequently, it is encouraged to go for caffeine free tea or natural tea during pregnancy to keep away from entanglements.

Are You Drinking Too Much Tea? How To Prevent The Side Effects?


You have more likely than not been going for some tea with the expectation that it will give you the genuinely necessary help from cerebral pains. Tragically, this propensity for yours strength be the justification for your migraines. Indeed, unreasonable admission of tea or any wellspring of caffeine can not build your reliance on tea (caffeine) and yet it likewise prompts distress and cerebral pains.

This condition is disturbed during discontinuous fasting.


Drinking tea, particularly milk-based tea can cause you to feel disgusted, this is because of the presence of tannins, which disturbs the stomach-related tissue and prompts swelling, inconvenience, and stomach hurt.

Diminished iron ingestion

Tea is a rich wellspring of a class of mixtures called tannins. Tannins can tie to press in specific food sources, delivering it inaccessible for assimilation in your intestinal system

Lack of iron is one of the most widely recognized supplements lacks on the planet, and assuming you have low iron levels, extreme tea admission might compound your condition.

The research proposes that tea tannins are bound to thwart the assimilation of iron from plant sources than from creature-based food sources. Along these lines, assuming you follow a severe veggie lover or vegan diet, you might need to give additional nearby consideration to how much tea you consume.

The specific measure of tannins in tea can change significantly contingent upon the sort and how it’s ready. All things considered, restricting your admission to 3 or less cups (710 ml) each day is reasonable a protected reach for a great many people

Assuming that you have low iron yet at the same time appreciate drinking tea, consider having it between suppers as additional insurance. Doing so will make it doubtful to influence your body’s capacity to assimilate iron from your food at eating times.

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